Lost or Forgotten Karate Techniques

Lost or Forgotten Karate Techniques

Lost or Forgotten Karate Techniques


I wanted to touch on a topic that I don't find many people discussing often. THE LOST or FORGOTTEN techniques of Karate-do.

Most dojos teach a very similar way and for the most part all offer the same curriculum, especially if they are of a Shotokan background.  What I like the most about Karate in general is that no one style of karate is limited in its vastness yet they are all so different and very compatible to each other at the same time. This leaves a lot of room for growth and learning within Karate as a whole.
The founder of Shotokan Karate - Gichin Funakoshi once said there is no style in karate.

No matter the style you are studying, all karate styles are considered very versatile and offer many types of techniques and principles.  Karate in its crude form is very diverse and complete.  It was originally intended and developed as a martial art for self defense and survival, not for sport and competition.

Unfortunately, most dojos today only focus on sport competition and or make their claim to fame for offering a JKA style of karate which is very limited to striking and kicking and not much else.

Modern Karate schools don't typically offer the type of training that will directly enhance a student's ability to defend themselves as quickly as many people think. BUT WHY?

-Whatever happened to falling techniques, grappling, low kicks, round punches/strikes, choke holds,  joint manipulation and all the other techniques that karate originally consisted of in its arsenal of techniques to be taught?    

-WHY is it that many dojos don't study or practice Karate like this.
-Why does Traditional Karate appear to be limited to only punching, kicking and blocking?
-Why is Kata practiced for tournament competition but not always studied for its practical application of techniques?
-Why isn't Karate as popular as it used to be?
-Why do many students give up their karate training long before "black belt" most of the time?
-Why do so many people deem Karate as not as effective as other arts anymore?
-Why are so many people gravitating to MMA Gyms or BJJ schools instead of traditional karate dojos?

I believe these things are both directly and indirectly related to the fact that many karate techniques have been LOST or FORGOTTEN.  OR in a nutshell just don't exist anymore. OR the average Karate instructor does not teach or does not know these so called forgotten techniques.

EXAMPLE: When asked where to go if to improve your grappling skills? What is the answer? Almost always a person will reply with: Go to a BJJ school or a wrestling gym.
What is the best style to train under for developing powerful punching skills?
The general answer is typically a Muay Thai or Boxing Gym.

THE GENERAL REPUTATION of a Karate dojo today is that is teaches mainly kids and that it is not really the best for self defense anymore but more for discipline, confidence and respect.

 Self esteem and exercise for kids is the general reputation nowadays.

-What do we need to do to change and improve on this stereo-type?
-What do we as Karate enthusiasts need to do in order to re-educate the masses about the effectiveness and completeness of Karate?
-What do we need to do to improve the image of Karate and its perceived value?

My goal as a Sensei and Dojo Owner is to promote REAL Karate-do not only in a light that is ideal for all ages but also as an effective and complete form of self defense.

TEACHING effective grappling, Joint locks, throws and Take downs are all part of the big picture for Karate. FOR MANY unfortunately these essential techniques are either LOST or FORGOTTEN. 

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