Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty with yourself is the toughest challenge in the Martial Arts.

-Either you are GOOD, or choose not to be.

-Either you have talent or you don't.

-Either you think talent is everything, or you understand that the Mother of all skill is hard work, repetition and practice.

-Either you TRAIN, or you don't.

-Either you are a Sweater, or you are not.

-Either you improve, or you don't.

-Either you keep teaching 5 step sparring, Or you expand your horizons.

-Either you add to your arsenal, or you don't.

-Either you are well rounded, or you are not.

-Either you look outside the box, or you don't.

-Either you sacrifice and dedicate to Karate, or it is no more than a hobby.

-Either you strive to become a better instructor, or you remain mediocre

-Either you strive always improve as an Instructor, Or you pretend to be an expert at everything.

-Either you Actually Practice what you preach, or you just preach.

-Either you understand what a bunkai is saying, or you KNOW the technique and DRILL it!! "Most never drill the bunkai they learn"

-Either you really understand Bunkai, or you think WKF Bunkai is the REAL deal..LOL.

-Either you "know" how complete your art is, or you assume how complete it is.

-Either you study Karate completely, or let politics control you and hold you back.

-Either you understand that Grappling belongs to Karate too and you NEED to learn it because it is so important, OR you ignorantly ignore it and believe it is only part of Jiu-jitsu.

-Either you think the WAY "Do" is only character based philosophy, OR you understand the WAY is actually a mindset to training and limitless.

-Either you understand, Technique is always adaptable, Or you think Kihon AIR technique are the best in the world and nothing else matters.

-Either you expand your Knowledge, or you restrict it.

-Either you study Karate realistically, Or you focus on medals.

-Either you allow Karate to fit each student like a High end Tailored Suit or you FORCE Karate in to a SMALL Tiny little polished looking box that no one can use in the street for the sake of a MOLD of a rigid cookie cutter system.

-Either you ACTUALLY strive to always learn / improve like a flowing waterfall "SHIBUMI" or you quit at Shodan and never let the REAL journey begin.
Like the Title os this post says,

Honesty is the best policy.


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