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  • The 5 Minds Of Karate

    1) Sho-shin – Beginner’s Mind This refers to the type of mentality you probably had when you first started martial arts. everything was new and exciting. You were eager to learn. You had an open minded eagerness, and you had no preconceptions of how to do your techniques. you had nothing to compare it to or relate to any previous experience. You just wanted to learn. This is the mentality that you need to have even at at advances level or experience in you martial arts training. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you know everything that you need to know. ALWAYS Maintain a beginner’s mind. Remain Humble. The person who thinks he or she already knows ....

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  • Honesty is the Best Policy

    Honesty with yourself is the toughest challenge in the Martial Arts. -Either you are GOOD, or choose not to be. -Either you have talent or you don't. -Either you think talent is everything, or you understand that the Mother of all skill is hard work, repetition and practice. -Either you TRAIN, or you don't. -Either you are a Sweater, or you are not. -Either you improve, or you don't. -Either you keep teaching 5 step sparring, Or you expand your horizons. -Either you add to your arsenal, or you don't. -Either you are well rounded, or you are not. -Either you look outside the box, or you don't. -Either you sacrifice and dedicate to Karate, or it is no more than a hobby. -Either ....

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