Sensei Michael Claycomb

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Sensei Michael Claycomb

As very accomplished black belt and seasoned competitor with over 16 years of training, Sensei Michael Claycomb began his martial arts journey with Shihan Claycomb at the age of 3 1/2. After 8 years of consistent training and dedication, He earned his Black belt rank in Japanese Karate from Japan under Shotokan Master Toshiatsu Sasaki - 8th Dan.

Currently, Senpai Michael assists in teaching our Kid’s Karate programs. Our students love his personality, dynamic approach and positive energy. The confidence and physical skills they learn in his classes are priceless.

Karate as a lifestyle and the guiding force in Sensei Michael's life since his childhood has always given him a positive direction and tremendous confidence. As such, Michael continues to train with his father Shihan Joseph Claycomb in pursuit of his professional fighting career and one day hopes be the next KARATE fighter to become an MMA CHAMPION.

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Sensei Michael he hopes to continue to run the Claycomb Academy with his father and continue teaching the Claycomb family tradition to future Karate-ka generations.

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