Claycomb Academy Of Martial Arts Reviews

Claycomb Academy of Martial Arts is freaking fantastic school my son love coming to class and interacting with fellow students and teachers.The staff is awesome making the classes fun and learn full for everyone that attends they communicate well with students and parents the dojo is super clean and tight I highly recommend this KARATE school to anyone

Gus V.

Having known Mr Claycomb since the white belt years, and seeing what he has accomplished in the world of martial arts, yes there is no doubt it must be recommended to EVERYONE on the planet!!!!

Stewart G.

Looked further than my town due to covid and all the karate training being closed in San Bernardino this is in Fontana. First placed I looked into signing up my two boys to train for karate and needed to look no further. I’ll begin with sanitizing they are staying on top of it hand sanitizer installed all through out the facility, temperature checking every time before class begins, and plenty of soap in the restroom they also clean the facility top to bottom. Secondly the costumer service is professional, they treat you like family, all the questions I asked they answered, and both of my boys love their instructor as well as the class. Thirdly class and pricing the class my boys take is beginners but they have learned so much discipline the price is reasonable.

Laura N.

This place is awesome! My son loves going to practice every day. Not only is he getting great exercise, but he is learning focus and responsibility. The schedule fits in great with family work and school too. Highly recommend.

Kelli R.

Claycomb Academy of Martial Art in Fontana is amazing they welcome us with open arm like a family. My daughter enjoys it very much and I'm glad I did a great decision of bringing her here and be apart of it.

Cristina V.

This place is awesome good karate teaching great cardio for weight loss and if you want to be a pro fighter one day this is the greatest place to train at karate is life oss !

Travon L.

Great place and very clean the people there are very friendly. My son has been there 8 months and he is doing great and I have seen a big change in him.

Laura C.

Fontana Karate Club is amazing! My six year old loves his teachers and has so much fun!

Julie R.

My son has been coming to this academy for almost 4 years, and it’s so awesome! My son was diagnosed with ADHD and the Senseis and Shihan are so patient with him and never give up on him. My son had gotten stronger and more confident, his focus has also improved so much and loves coming to class all the time! Thank you Claycomb academy for all your sacrifices and love for our little ones as well as the adults!

Ingrid R.

This is a great Dojo! Very welcoming and family friendly! It's fully equipped and is very flexible on time of classes! My son loves every class!! Shihan Joseph, Senpai Xena and Senpai Michael are awesome teachers!

William F.

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